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Drive Tumblr traffic for Free - 100% Working guide

Tumblr Guide – Drive enormous adult traffic


Today i will tell you one more way to drive traffic to your adult website, Drive Tumblr traffic. Tumblr has always been a favorite among adult webmasters to drive traffic to their website.

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The best part about Tumblr for adult webmasters is that it allows adult content. This allows adult website owners to make a following on Tumblr (people following your blogs) and then driving these visitors to your website. This in turn will help you make money through Tumblr.

This post will be fairly long and i will try to cover everything step-by-step. So, lets begin. The process is very simple, first set up your tumblr blog, gain following, grow your adult tumblr blog, and then make money through your adult tumblr blog.


Setting up the blog in the perfect manner is important. Here is a screenshot of the correct working settings:

Tumblr Guide - Drive enormous adult traffic

Do not forget to turn on the “Flag this blog as adult-oriented” other wise you will be banned very soon.

You will also need to unlock adult content in tumblr to be able to see such content. To do this just search for any adult term and click on unlock button:

Drive Tumblr traffic

How to get the initial boost you need on Tumblr:

To prevent the website from spammers and unethical people, tumblr does not show content of new blogs in its search results and other ways until you show your authenticity. People are too much focused on getting traffic that they end up posting hundreds of posts without thinking twice about being looked like a spammer. Just like Google hits you with a penalty if you do backlink spamming, similarly you have to be patient to Drive Tumblr traffic.

These are the steps you can follow:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Make some changes in the appearance of your blog
  3. Follow few other blogs in your niche, post few pictures and videos
  4. Reblog content of other blogs in your niche
  5. Be regular and do this for few days

Note: These are not absolute steps that help you get featured in search results. This is what have been witnessed by me and other adult webmasters. Also Tumblr gives the following explanation for ” Why aren/t my posts appearing on tag pages?”

Why aren/t my posts appearing on tag pages?


The most effective way of gaining Tumblr Followers:

If you are someone who thinks spamming will easily help you gain thousands of tumblr followers overnight then you are wrong. Honestly i have been against spamming be it anywhere. I like to put in some extra effort so that quality is always  above everything.

You will have to build a social proof. In in the initial days when you still trying to create a following on Tumblr, try to build relationship with the popular blogs in your niche. Keep in mind that content on your blog should be high quality for this to work. Try to comment on posts of other blogs (not spam but genuine comments), like their content, these owners of popular blogs will come to your website and when they see some quality content they will reblog your content. This will drive their audience to your website and thereby giving you a initial push that you want on tumblr. You aim to Drive tumblr traffic starts from here.


Other way to Drive Tumblr traffic and gain/get tumblr followers is following other people in your niche:

 Adult traffic on Autopilot - Tumblr Guide

Follow-unfollow method has been used since long for people to gain twitter followers. Similar is the case here. According to a statistic, if you follow 1000 people then few of then will automatically follow you back.

Remember here i am not talking about blogs in your niche, rather people who love the content in your niche -i.e you audience. Go to popular posts in your niche and look at the notes section. This is a list of people who loved that post. This is the perfect audience for your blog. These are the people you should follow.

gain/get tumblr followers



Steps to avoid being banned on Tumblr:

  1. Flag the blog as Adult
  2. Do not spam
  3. Dont use advertisements on your tumblr blog, rather put links in your post description
  4. Change the image description, name etc. Using same description will get you banned
  5. Follow the TOS of tumblr
  6. Do not post illegal stuff
  7. Do not paste direct affiliate links, rather use a redirect Hostgator Hosting with free domain name


Drive Tumblr traffic and How to make money from Adult Tumblr Blogs:

Crakrevenue is my choice of affiliate network for Making money through Adult tumblr blogs. Get your affiliate link and then put it in the image description. People will click the link and if you get few conversions, you can easily make easy money through tumblr adult blogs.

Update: Do not paste direct blank affiliate links in image description of your tumblr blogs, rather buy a Hostgator Hosting with free domain name and the redirect that domain name to your affiliate offer. This is the safest way of preventing your blog from getting banned.

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These tips will also help you if you are focused on How to get Traffic from Tumblr:

  1. Media Type you post: You have many options, photos, text, videos, gifs etc. Try to post a balanced portfolio of such media types.
  2. Memes to the rescue: Posting funny memes really help in gaining a loyal audience and also help in getting repeat visitors. You can create them yourself or find few in your niche.
  3. Be generous with tags: Just like hastags in twitter and Instagram, tags in tumblr helps user find your blog. So add as many relevant tags as possible to every piece of content you post.
  4. Build an amazing profile: Be thorough and authentic in your profile. Its the first thing a person will judge you upon before following you. So your first impression should be a killer one.
  5. Being active is the Key: If you just create a business and do not invest time in it, it will never flourish. You have to treat it like your child and nurture it. Similarly, be regular and active with your blog. Add content daily and this will build a trust and following among your audience.
  6. Don’t be shy and ignorant: Interact with your blogs audience. Comment on their post, reblog, and following them helps a lot.
  7. Reblogging to the rescue: Reblogging other people content will provide your audience with a steady stream of fresh content while also giving you a chance of other people reblogging your stuff thereby driving more traffic. This benefits both party and helps in making authority. This is an important step so take this seriously.
  8. Riches in the niches: Everyone now knows that Google gives preference to blogs or website that are focused towards a niche. So choose one niche and build a authority blog on that niche. Niche blogs also have low bounce rate and high pageviews which in-turn help gaining better google rankings.
  9. Quality is everything: Just like you would not visit a site again if you did not like the content, similarly give high quality content to your audience and they will become fan for a very long time

Now you next step should be to check out Adult traffic on Autopilot – Tumblr Guide for an amazing way to drive huge traffic to your website

Hope i was able to explain Drive Tumblr traffic in an easy manner. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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