Display Ads vs Adult Affiliate CPA programs

Display Ads vs Adult Affiliate CPA programs

Today I will cover Display Ads Vs Adult Affiliate CPA programs. This is an important topic because many adult webmasters are always confused which one to focus on. Monetizing methods are many, but choosing the right one that makes you the most money is important.

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Which one can make me more money?

This is the most asked question to me. Which one to choose and whether Display ads or Adult affiliate CPA programs will make me more money. If you are an adult webmaster, then you probably know that adult ads and adult CPA offers are the two most prominent ways of making money. I personally use a mixture of both of them to make my monthly income. Honestly the answer to this question is not absolute. It depends on many factors such as:

  1. Content and type of website
  2. Traffic source
  3. Money available to invest
  4. Experience as an adult webmaster
  5. Analytical skills

The above list is just an overview of all the important points that matter when it comes about making money from adult websites. Display ads are the easiest and fastest way of making money if you already have a decent amount of audience. All you have to do is place the iframe code of the Adult ad (Juicyads or Exoclick) on your website and you start making money. If you are someone who is satisfied with that dollar amount, then display ads is best suited for you. If you are like me who wants to make much more money and is willing to put that extra time, effort and money then Adult Affiliate Cap offers are best suited for you

Note: Many people have lost a lot of money in adult affiliate marketing, so you need to be smart and follow all my advice with focus in order to make money. It is not as easy as just putting ad code on your website

I do both because I never put all my apples in one basket, I like to diversify my income sources.


What are the major differences between Display Ads vs Adult Affiliate CPA programs?

Although I have a separate section just for Affiliate marketing and adult media buying, (if you want to learn about making money through adult affiliate offers), I will still go over the few major difference.

How you make money: You make through Adult display ads when someone clicks on your ads as well as the number of impression your ad gets. So if you have traffic and you place the ads on the right places in your website then instantly you will start making money. All you have to focus on is driving more traffic. In case of CPA based adult affiliate program you make money when you make a conversion. Read our Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary Explained to understand more. Also the most profitable programs are revenue sharing CPA offers, I wrote a whole article about it: Revenue share CPA adult offer are the best



How to maximize my income from display ads?

To make the most from your adult deeply ads, you need to know the following points:

  1. Choosing the right categories while creating adult ad banners. For example, if your website is based on milfs but you choose teens category then the number of clicks on your ads will be significantly lower
  2. Placing the ads on the right places and choosing the right ads. I wrote an article for this check this out: Adult Ad Placements for Maximizing income and more money


How to maximize my income from Adult CPA based affiliate programs?

I cannot write one paragraph on this topic. it’s a fairly long topic and that I why I have created Adult Media Buy and Affiliate Marketing sections on this website. I will request you to check all the article in this section and also keep checking the website for new articles to be added soon. A lot of factor decide your success as adult affiliate:

  1. Money you are willing to invest
  2. Finding the right offers to promote
  3. Understanding the basics of adult affiliate marketing and adult media buying: Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained
  4. Choosing the right CPA based company like Crakrevenue
  5. Investing time, money and energy
  6. Testing, testing and more testing A/B testing adult ads – media buying

I hope you like this article on Display Ads Vs Adult Affiliate CPA programs.


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