Direct to sponsor vs CPA networks – Adult Media Buying

Lets us discuss about Direct to sponsor vs CPA networks – Adult Media Buying. 

If you have an adult website or even any other method to generate adult traffic, then you are probably thinking of making money off it. One of the best way to make money of adult traffic is promoting adult affiliate offers. The adult offers might come in the form of various options like:

  1. Adult Dating affiliate offer
  2. Adult cams affiliate offers
  3. Casino offers
  4. Adult Pay site offers

Now you have two options, either to sign up on a CPA (cost per action) Network like Crakrevenue or contact the offer company directly. Let us first discuss about Direct to sponsor adult offers

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Direct to sponsor adult money making offers

Going direct comes up with many benefits:

  1. You remove the middlemen, so you save up on that commission that was otherwise going to him/her
  2. Ability to negotiate better rates for your campaigns
  3. Flexibility
  4. Comparatively lesser competition for similar offers
  5. CPA networks might give you a lead cap in the beginning to test the type of traffic you can send (For crakrevenue you might get 25/program). Going direct will benefit you by giving you a largest Lead cap

Although these benefits sound amazing, lest talk about the negative aspects as well.

  1. Hard to get accepted as a direct affiliate as companies do not want to waste their time on people giving them just few leads or conversion
  2. You are working with just one company and hence one offer. With CPA networks you get to choose from hundreds of different offers
  3. You are responsible for how much money you make. No one will guide you or help you make more money.


CPA offers adult money making affiliate offers

Personally I love working with CPA networks, and my network of choice is Crakrevenue. The best part is that you get multiple offers to choose from and then find the one that is most likely to convert for the type of traffic you can send. So you are not limited with your options. A good reliable CPA network will have the best in the industry offers. They wont have shady or spammy offers so that saves you from some time selecting the right offers for yourself

One common question adult affiliate webmasters have is that; the lower rates will be offered. Honesty this is not true. An established CPA network has the power to negotiate lucrative rates and they are almost equivalent to direct rates

I also love uncluttered life. With multiple direct sponsors, I have to maintain excel sheets for each one and separate them out. his leads to a lot of clutter and unnecessary work for me. With a CPA network, you just sign in and all your networks are listed there in your admin panel. Also you don’t have to get separate payments from each network, rather one single payment consisting of all the money you made from different networks

CPA networks have experienced experts in their staff. So they will guide you along the way for you to make more money. Remember that the more money you make, the better is for the CPA newt=ork. So they will provide you will all the tools, templates, and everything to make you successful in making money online.

Note: If you are an experienced candidate and have been making money in adult affiliate industry then feel free to go Direct to sponsor route. You already have the knowledge and expertise to make yourself more successful. My suggestion will be to have some percentage of CPA network and other the Direct to Sponsor. Never put all the money in one basket, diversify your portfolio for maximum returns and keep yourself safe

I hope this article on Direct to sponsor vs CPA networks – Adult Media Buying was helpful


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