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Dailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Dailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Dailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming modelsLets talk about DailyMotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models. Just like the giant Youtube, DailyMotion is another video sharing website. Although in comparison to YouTube, DailyMotion is very small but the best advantage for you as an adult performer/entertainer is that Dailymotion allows adult content. So DailyMotion is an adult friendly social network for camgirls for free promotion and marketing.

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Dailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

I have always been a strong supporter of marketing and promotion. Webcam models generally do not take this topic seriously, but in the initial days the more efficient you are in marketing yourself, the more money you will make. Later on in your career it will be easy making money as you will already have a following, but then again $100,000 with marketing is always much better than $10,000 without marketing and promotion’

Here are the advantages of for driving traffic/customers for webcam/camming  models/camgirls or any other adult performer

  1. Adult friendly version of YouTube : You are allowed to upload content that is an adult in nature
  2. Comparatively less competitive: Competition of Dailymotion is much less compared to Youtube


Although i have already covered the following tips in a number of articles but i am reiterating them again:

  1. Watermarking your content: I have mentioned this again and again, and if you are still not doing this then please start. Watermark anything and everything you upload online. Be it on social media networks, or on these video sharing websites. In the watermark you should mention your website name. You website is your reflection. It is your online adult performer identity. People should regularly visit your website to know everything about you : Your updates, camming networks, schedule, videos etc.
    1. Even if you change your camming network later in your adult entertainer career, still your watermark content will be sending traffic to your website. Also you can easily drive people from your website to your camming network
  2. Use your adult performer name/ stage name as the username you choose for DailyMotion: Using your name as often as possible helps you create a brand of yourself. Branding is everything. You would want people to know you and you must utilize every channel of marketing and promotion to get the people to be intrigued to know more about you.
  3. Add value in your video: Do not just make a low quality video that makes no sense. utilize this platform. Be genuine and have a smile on your face. Make relevant calls to action. Here are some calls to action that you must make:
    1. Ask them to like the video
    2. Subscribing to your channel
    3. Visiting your website
    4. following you on social media networks, like Twitter, FB etc.
  4. Utilize the video description: Video description is an important area. Most of you call to action will have a link that you can add it in the video description of DailyMotion. If you are promoting your website, then add the link in the description. Add you social media networks links as well so that people can follow you.


Note: Mark your video as adult: If you upload your video as a general video, then someone might flag your video and your channel will be banned. So make sure you switch on the button that tells DailyMotion that the video is suited for 18+ audience and might contain objectionable content. You can do this by marking it in the “Red band”

I hope you like this article on Dailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

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