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Creating Wishlist – Adult Webcam camming models

Creating Wishlist - Adult Webcam camming models - Get free giftsLets talk about Creating Wishlist – Adult Webcam camming models. Wishlists are great. Almost all camming models use them to leverage more stuff out of their fans. This is also a great source of getting things that you want but do not want to spend money on. Creating Wishlist – Adult Webcam camming models will tell you exactly how you can leverage this.

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What is a wishlist?

Wishlist is like a list of products that you want, so you aggregate them in one place. Webcam models or camming girls use this amazing wishlist to get free gifts from their most loyal fans.

What should i include in my Wishlist, what should my wishlist contain?

This depends on you and your discretion. You can add anything and everything. Remember your fans are buying this for you for two reasons:

  1. Either they want to gift you something
  2. Either they want to see you perform in one particular way

It’s like a magical place where you can add anything and if you are lucky you can get someone else to pay for it for you. But for you wishlist to be successful you need to first build a solid fanbase and following. This will take time and patience. You will need to put in the hard work to be able to reap the benefits later

Tip: How can I effectively create my wishlist, Smart ways of making/creating a wishlist? :  You can be smart and use the wishlist to help get stuff that can help you in your camming shows. Not only getting stuff that helps you in your camming shows increase the quality of your webcam shows, but it will also help you gain an even more loyal following. Adding show related stuff will

How can i create a wishlist for my camming show?

Creating a wishlist is simple and pretty straightforward. Many websites offer wishlist feature and the most prominent one is Amazon. Here is all the places that you can create your wishlist:

  1. Cam Model Protection:  This is a great service that prevents piracy. What this service does is that it scans the internet for pirated content and help in processing the DMCA complaints and getting the content removed. A great wishlist product
  2. Amazon: This is by far the most used website by webcam models for creating their wishlist. The best part about Amazon is their catalog. Almost all the products can be found here. Add products to your wishlist and than promote the link on the places that i mentioned above
    1. The best part about adding all the items in wishlist is that , if any fan wants to see you in one particular way that excites him, then he can buy that for you.
  3. Delivery Code: This website has been created to make the process of delivery of wishlist very easy. You information is secure while people can easily buy and send you products from your wishlist. Apart from wishlist they can also send you anything they want

Marketing and Promotion of wishlist

I already listed down all the places where you can place the link of your wishlist. Make it a habit to market and promote your wishlist as much as possible.

All you have to do as a camming adult performer is to place the link of your wishlist on the following places:

  1. Camming profile page
  2. your personal website
  3. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc)
  4. Forum profile pages
  5. Any other place where you are active and have a presence

What shall i as a webcam/camming model do when someone buys me a gift from the Wishlist?

Whenever someone gives you a gift, the natural response is to thank that person. Thanking the fan who has purcased a gift for you from your wishlist is a must. Here is what you can do to thank you fan:

  1. If he/she has gifted you a dress or something to wear, email them a thankyou message along with a picture of you wearing that dress. (don’t forget the smile :D)
  2. If he/she has gifted you an item such as Sex toy, then email them a sincere thankyou message along with a photo of you doing exactly what he/she wants you to do with that item.

Thanking your fan for gifting you an item from your wishlist shows that you are genuine and actually care about your fans. This will directly help you gain a loyal following.

I hope you like this article on Creating Wishlist – Adult Webcam camming models


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