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Clipstore Marketing Promotion - Complete most effective guide

Clipstore Marketing and Promotion – Complete most effective guide

Today I will be giving you another long but super effective article on how to do Clipstore Marketing Promotion – Complete most effective guide. Why you joined clips4sale is very obvious – to make some decent passive income and hoping to make clips4sale the major source of revenue in the future

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Clipstore Marketing Promotion – Clips4sale Free Traffic Generate. We will cover all the tips, tricks, techniques, methods that work for free traffic generation which leads to more sale and more exposure.

You already know that for every sale you make on clips4sale, the company take 40% and you are left with 60%. Whenever someone starts a business, the most prominent thing on his mind if to find the exact dollar amount he/she can make in this business, in various stages:

  1. How much money can I make on clips4sale in my first month
  2. How much money can I make on clips4sale per month after 6 months
  3. How much money can I make on clips4sale per month after one year

Usually one year is the future benchmark one takes to base his decision whether to start in this business or not.

The Answer to above questions is not absolute, it depends on many factors such as:

  1. How often you update your clips4sale studio
  2. How much hard work are you willing to put in
  3. Are you smart enough to find your differentiating factor to be able to stand out in the crowd and beat your competition
  4. How fast and How soon can you make solid connection with your audience
  5. The category you are in
  6. And most importantly, whether the clips you produce are of good quality or not

Now for an amateur/rookie/beginner, considering he/she does not have any following, prior expeice, or any connection to big players, he/she can expect to earn between $250-900 per month. This income will increase month on month just like for any other business but will come to a standstill or a downward curve because people are now used to your videos. They have already seen many videos of you and need something new in their life, a new face, (I know it sucks but that’s the harsh reality). But worry not, its a more advanced concept, and I will write an article about it soon.

Note: The range $250-900 per month is not an absolute number, I cannot comment on others making much more than that or even lower than that. That is an average number that I have seen after some experience in this industry

If you will look the 6 month or 12 months’ earnings curve, you will see an upward movement in the first few months and then a stagnant or maybe even a decline. Then it should/might balance in between.

There was a common belief that if you are among the top clips4sale studio, then you could make upwards of $30,000 per month. But honestly, this is not true. One of the Famous Clips4sale studios disclosed his income and the figures were like this:

For a rank #8 on top 50 clips4sale studio, he was making close to $2500 per week.

For a rank #2 on top 50 clips4sale studios, he was making close to $3,000 per week. Which translates into 3,000×4 = $12,000 per month, which is nowhere close to $30,000 per month.

One good thing is that as you start producing more clips and experience, you will get to where exactly you can save some time. Let’s say if you are spending 50hrs/week on your clips4sale studio making XXXX dollars per week.  After few months you will easily be making same or more money in just 20-30hrs/week, this is because now you know exactly how you can save up time and become more efficient. This extra saved time can be used to make more money by building websites, other clips4sale studios or camming studio.

Note: If you think these numbers are not satisfactory and if you are feeling discourages then please don’t do that. If you are hardworking and smart you can easily make money and there is huge potential for that. You can easily make a comfortable living out of clips4sale


Some more metrics for you:

  1. The majority of your clips sale will be in the form of one (1) clip sales. Close to 70% of your total sales
  2. Around 25% of your total sales will be a 2-3 clip order
  3. 5% of your total sales will be 4 clip orders or more.
  4. On average 100 visit to your store will give you 1 one sale, and on average one sale is close to $10

So yes, if you can get targeted visitors to your studio then your sales will increase. Please not these are not absolute numbers, the data is experienced by me and other studios, as also compared with other resources on the internet.

Tip: Do not let one day, one week, or one month affect your mindset. Humans are designed to see instant results, but you will have to look at the bigger picture and long-term average of your studio clipstore.


Now let’s talk about an important point. The First month of launching your clip store/Studio:

You might be all charged up, you have done all the hardwork, uploaded the videos, and did everything that you could learn from this website and other resources on the internet. You might be feeling the rush in your veins of looking at $$$ amount in your admin panel. But at the end of the day, you see zero sales.

Yes, you will see some hits (visitor traffic) in your admin but you might not see any sale. You might not even see a sale in one week (worst case scenario). But this is the pain period. Not getting disheartened and working without losing hope is the trait of a true champion. Weak hearted people quit because they wanted to get rich quick, they wanted to see instant results, but nothing in this world comes so easy.

Many studios have wasted their time, uploading the clips4sale mandatory 10 clips and few updates, but when they did not see any sales, they quit.

One Pro tip I can give you is to: Always focus on adding value to someone, money will automatically come. Don’t just run after the money, you will never be able to catch it.

Honestly, initially, you should make realistic goals, enough to cover your daily basic requirements. Don’t expect to become one among the top 5 studios within a week.

This is one other reason why o always recommends making videos in a category that you love yourself. Because otherwise you will feel the blow much harder because you already don’t have any special liking towards the category. You might play the blame game and quit.

Tip: Don’t become an information junkie. Its a problem majority of people have. Don’t just absorb everything on the internet thinking that I will take actions later. Read only which is relevant to the moment, absorb it, understand it and take action first. You can never be prepared enough to start, in the end, the people who succeed have the courage to take that first step. Not knowing everything is good.

Setting realistic goals also help you not loose motivation. If you were targeting $10,000 but you are not getting enough sales even for $1,000 per month then trust me, your mental state will not be healthy and it will directly and adversely impact you.


Hope you are enjoying this article on Clipstore Marketing Promotion, please read on for more information

Some Tips you must follow as a Clips4sale Studio Owner:

Never give a guarantee or 100% promise to your customers:

You will find customers who will request you to make a certain kind of clip. You might be tempted and agree by giving him a solid confirmation. But that’s where you went wrong. Never give 100% guarantee that you will do exactly as your customer asked you for. Always use the word, you will try to make such clip. That way you would not have the obligation. If you make it, everyone is happy. But if you do not make it you just lost a customer for rife.


Understanding the difference between a customer and a Fan

The sooner you realize the difference the sooner it will be beneficial for you. You should treat every visitor who comes to your websites, or any person who buys you clips as CUSTOMERS. The reason I say this is because in the end you are selling a product, for which your customer pays and satisfy his needs. You are fulfilling a requirement that your customers have.

Fans are different, they like or love you for who you are. They will buy the clips irrespective of whether they love the clip or not.

You should always treat everyone as the customer. Treat your Clips4sale clipstore studio as a business where you are selling a product and people are coming there to buy that product.


Relationship with your customers

Yes, when you are in a clipstore studio business type environment you try your best to be as authentic as possible. You show your genuine self so that you a build solid relationships and win the trust of your customers. You try everything to show a good face, produce good quality clips, keep your customer needs in mind, do not indulge in any mal-practice of making money. You go one step ahead and treat every customer as more than a customer and try to create strong bonds by being more personal.

Here comes the problem, being genuine in your approach is a sure shot way of success, but being personal is the worst way you can do that. For your customers, you are a fantasy, a figure that satisfies their sexual urges. You give them mental peace; whatever way it be.

When you try to be personal, you reveal too much unnecessary information and you end up destroying that image. Just like if you are a guy, you fantasize about the perfect most gorgeous girl in your college, you can do anything to go on for a date with her. But as soon as she becomes your girlfriend and then you start talking to her daily for hours every day, it will exponentially decrease that initial attraction you had for her. Similarly, keep that boundary with your customers so that they can be repeat buyers.


Clips4sale providing free marketing and promotion for your clip store studio

The best part about joining a clipstore like clips4sale is the platform you get. The audience is right there you just need to make yourself known to that audience. The toughest part of getting the audience is handled by c4s itself.

When you are a newbie/rookie/newcomer, clips4sale provide you with that initial boost of free promotion to set you up for the audience in your category. The best case scenario for you is to maximize that free promotion and marketing.

On the homepage of Clips4sale, there is a section known as “New Studios”, here you will be given the free exposure once you are verified as a studio by the c4s staff team. This exposure won’t stay for long as many other new studios are being added every day.

There is a list of 50, and on average it will give you 7-8 days on the front page.

Apart from the homepage, you are also listed on the category main page.

So here is the list of places you will be listed:

  1. Homepage of clips4sale as a New Studio section – On average 7-8 days
  2. Category main page – Days depend on the number of studios, if there are less than 50 studios you will be listed here for many months
  3. Apart from your main category “new studio” place you will also be shown in recently updated studio in your main category page
  4. You will also be shown in the recently updated categories you chose apart from your main category


Now you must be wondering that initially I just told you that getting sales on the first day or even in the first week is so tough, then how come this free promotion is beneficial for me?

It gives you exposure, gets you noticed and the sales will come a little later. People will come back after looking at you and make a sale later. So when they come for the first time you need to captivate them, make an amazing 10/10 first impression, forcing them to come back and buy your clips. So how to make that killer first impression you ask? Read on…

Adding a Banner advertisement

Creating a banner is easy, you just have to go to the Tutorials page and the instructions are pretty self-explanatory.

Open the “Banner Generator”

Click on the Tutorial tab

Create a good looking banner of size 468px x 72px and name it as banner.jpg (this is standard and this is what you have to name it)

Upload the newly created banner image to your Images Folder

Now your banner is created and will be shown in the on of the three 468px x 72px banners on the clips4sale homepage. One banner is in an amazing location in the middle of the list, and other two are in the footer.


Apart from the homepage of Clips4sale, can my banner be displayed in category homepage as well?

Yes, it will be shown but only if you have uploaded a clip in that category at least once.

Note: Do not expect a crazy traffic after you start this banner rotation option of clips4sale, it is a very popular trick and every studio is already doing it.



Adding a twitter account for your clips4sale clipstore studio

Social media is the new ways of connecting and you can easily tap this huge potential of social media. Your studio can be associated with a  twitter handle so that the recent tweets will be shown there. It also gives you authenticity and add a flavor to your studio. Just like I mentioned earlier, I do not like the keep any stone unturned when I talk about promotion of any clips4sale clipstore studio.

The best scenario is to keep the manual tweeting but you can even add an auto tweet feature, so whenever you add any clip it will automatically be posted on your timeline. This can be activated through “Store Add-On”.

Apart from tweeting about it on your timeline, you can also tweet it on “c4supdates”



Promoting through uploading different versions of your clips for different categories

We discussed this in our Clips4sale guide, that the main .mp4 hd file should be uploaded in the main category and other lower quality versions must be uploaded in other related category.

Note: You can only upload a clip in other related category only if it has at least one-third of the category you are listing in.

Tip: do not post the main video in main category and other videos in the related category at once. Clips4sale has this policy that on the recently updated Studio list on the clips4sale homepage cannot have the studio name more than once. So you will be listed only once although you uploaded in two different categories. So keep a time lag between them so that you can maximize the exposure

Note: It usually take approximately 20 minutes for a studio to enter as the recently updated in the list and then be removed after new studios are being updated and added to the list.

The best case scenario is to schedule your clips to be activated, you can easily do that. In the end, the goal should be maximum front page exposure.


The best time to update your clips4sale clipstore studio

Since we are going in detail lets dig deep. The majority of the clips4sale audience is coming from Tier-1 countries like the US, United Kingdom, Germany etc.

Since majority of the people get free at night and that is pleasure time, so they will be most active in between 9:00pm to 2: 00am.This means when you post an update more people will be coming back to your studio and the chances of a sale are higher.

Pro tip: Its a basic human nature to think of numbers such as 2:00pm, 4:00 pm when comes to scheduling. No one thinks of 3:03 pm etc. Here this can be your edge. Every good studio knows that they will be scheduling their clips according to the time zone when they can get maximum traffic. But they will be scheduling for time like 1:00am, 11:00pm, so instead of that, you can schedule for 11:03pm, so the number of clips scheduled at 11:00pm will be updated and you clip will sit on top of them


Updating your studio is key to making money

If you do not update your studio with new clips you will soon be forgotten. The clips4sale clipstore game is such that you need to constantly add new clips and keep updating your studio.

I know creating new clips is time-consuming and you need to hard work, but then again making money is not that easy.

Also, try to keep a mix of length of the clips you produce. Longer clips will be sold for more money, as the clip price is based on the length of the clip. So don’t just stick to either smaller or longer clips, keep the variation going

Making longer clips do not mean, you remove the quality. Never compromise with quality, I am reiterating it again and again but never ever compromise with the quality of the clip

If you are busy with your day job or creating updates is not humanly possible for you, then do not compromise on other aspects of life just for uploading your clips. But yes you need to update at least once per day to be able to reach a mark of close to $1,000 per month. The best feature is scheduling, if you think that for the next week you will be very busy then you can work hard on one particular day in then schedule the updates so that the clip sales do not stop and you keep making money.


Tip: Cutting the clips is not recommended but you can cut the clips if the clips obtained after cutting can be used in different categories without compromising the quality.

If you understand it practically you can easily relate to it. If you are updating let’s say 4-6 times a day, that means you are putting in the hard work for producing the clips, so eventually you climb up the top50 studio list.


What are the secret tactics used by the top studios to remain at the Top50 top studio list:

  1. Amazing high-quality content. Their videos are top notch and they know exactly what their customers want
  2. Smart and amazing promotional techniques. Videos promotion, social media, Buying ads, email list building etc.
  3. Utilizing the trying categories. If you understand the current trend it is “Taboo”, maybe next year it will be something else. You just need to take the biggest slice of what’s working and capitalize on that
  4. A strong fan base community and making it even stronger
  5. Producing high-quality clips regularly. Regularity is the key.
  6. There might be other tactics that they use, honestly, I don’t know. But the above-stated points are the core of a successful clipstore studio.




Till now all I have told you is about how you can utilize the internal free promotion/exposure that clips4sale provide you. The best part is that the audience is targeted and relevant to what you are selling. But then again the competition is fierce.

Let’s now talk about promotion/marketing away from clips4sale.

There are many ways to get traffic back to your studio. You might be tempted by the obvious choices like,

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Twitter Followers
  3. Finding targeted category based forums and communities
  4. Friends and fans on tube websites accounts
  5. Personal website
  6. Xvideo Free Traffic Generation guide

Above stated are the popular ways of promotion. But you will be surprised the amount of effort that you spent in these ways and the results you get are not what you would be expecting. The number of sales will be low for such external promotion, but in the end, it is required as well

Note: Please keep in mind about protecting your identity and maintain your privacy. Sometimes unknowingly you might share your location, which can have adverse impact on your privacy

So where shall a clips4sale clipstore studio make accounts on the internet for promotion:

  1. Facebook and YouTube: But the chances of you getting banned is high, so need to pay close attention to not showing any nudity or even anything close to nudity
  2. Tumblr: Its a great way of driving relevant targeted audience to your studio (I wrote a whole guide on this topic: Tumblr Guide – Drive enormous adult traffic
  3. Google+ Profile: Google gives a huge push to google+ posts in terms of search preference. So you can utilize that
  4. Fatlike: You can promote yourself here
  5. Clips4sale Producer Group
  6. Reddit : A must have account. Its an amazing community. Also, you will have to make an account on Imgur to be able to post your pics on Reddit, as Reddit only allows Imgur pics
  7. Google your niche/category on Google and find the best (most active and biggest) forums in your niche/category. Make an account on them and start making a following. Do not spam or try any ill-practice for self-promotion, the only way to build a following is through adding value and being genuine


One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you want to not expose yourself, or you are too particular about your category and do not wish to be revealed, then you should avoid Facebook.

Whenever you upload a video there are several ways of promotion

  1. Tweet about it
  2. Post the Gif of that video on your Tumblr account
  3. You can use the software SnagIt for clicking pictures from your videos. Upload this pic to Igor, fet life and use the Imgur uploaded pic for posting in Reddit (find the subreddit of your category). Do not forget to watermark the image

If you have any other amazing working way for self-promotion, please share it in the comments section below or email it to me suing Contact US. It would be really appreciated as other can learn from it as well.


Google Analytics account for tracking and analyzing for your clips4sale clipstore studio

Google Analytics is the most amazing free tool out there for tracking everything and anything related to your visitors. Demographics, operating system, time of visit, number of page views, duration of their visit, and million other things.

Make an account and create a new property for your clips4sale account.

You will be provided with a code that you need to paste it in “Edit Clip Site”, and there will be a section “Google Analytics Code”. and click on save.

The most important metric that you must check are:

  1. Number of visits
    1. Also, check the Acquisition, to see the metric of from where these visits are coming
  2. Bounce rate: A very important measure, if you so not know what bounce rate is then please googling search it and understand how it affects your studio
  3. Pages/Visit : This is the number of pages on average a person visits in your studio. The higher the better
  4. Average session duration: You would want the visitor to spend the maximum time in your studio

I hope this guide on Clipstore Marketing Promotion – Complete most effective guide was helpful to you. 

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