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ClipLength Guide clips4sale - Clipstore

ClipLength Guide clips4sale – Clipstore

Cliplength is the length of the clip or the video your produce to be uploaded on Clips4sale for people to buy. This article on ClipLength Guide clips4sale will cover everything about the length of the clips you upload. For a beginner or a newbie, it might be confusing as clips4sale has a little complex system. Although it sounds very trivial that its just clip length what could be wrong with it, but one must know the clips4sale guidelines on uploading the clips.

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If you have a slow internet connection and then you upload your clip only to find out that the video has been rejected by clips4sale for some reason, it’s frustrating.

Category 1 : 2 minutes to 19 minutes clips

On clips4sale, a clip changes its minute at 00:45 mark. i.e. 15:48 is 16 minutes and 15:44 is 15 minutes

Also, the size of the clips in this category must be less than 1GB


Category 2: 20 minutes to 29 minutes

Here the clip size must be less than 1.2 GB. Although you will find many clips on the clipstores  of others that are in between this range of clip length but still the size is significantly large. So there are exceptions, but why to try something like this and follow the rules.


Category 3 – 30 minutes and more

The file size of such clips need to be less than 2 GB, but then again you can find exceptions to this rule as well.


While you are about to hit the export button on your software you will get an estimate of the size o the clip, so keep it within the clips4sale guidelines.

I hope this article on ClipLength Guide clips4sale was helpful.

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