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Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management

Today we will cover Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management.

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Being a camming industry webcam model,you already have some familiarity with pirated and stolen content. It is a very common practice of someone just recoding your webcam show , and then upload the clip on various tube websites (such as xvideos, redtube etc). The problem with that is:

  1. The person did not take permission from you to do this act
  2. Since the video that was just uploaded might be watched millions of time, so that’s a kind of free promotion that you might not want to have
    1. Your privacy is endangered
    2. The clip might be seen by someone who knows you
    3. Although on the camming network you might have few areas, countries blocked to protect your identity but if someone uploads a video, then it can be seen by anyone
  3. If you videos will be available on these free tube websites then people don’t have a reason to pay you to watch you perform.
  4. It can have a serious impact on your monthly income if you recorded webcam shows are easily available online for free

So how to protect your identity and Privacy as a camming webcam model. The solution is Cam Model Protection 

How can cam model protection help you as a camming performer?

Cam Model Protection is an Anti-Piracy and Privacy Protection paid service, created exclusively for camming/webcam models to help them protect their identity, privacy, and brand. This is done by:

  1. Continuously monitoring or auditing the internet for your pirated videos, clips, images, live webcam recording or anything else for which you own the copyrights.
  2. The monitoring is done on various platforms:
    1. Tube Websites
    2. Warez Website where links are shared for downloading
    3. Image and file hosting platforms (, uploaded, nitroflare etc)
    4. Other open free source of piracy
    5. Getting the links removed from search engines as well
    6. Torrents
  3. One additional benefit is that when you decide to take an exit from camming/webcam industry you probably would not want your peers, family, relatives or anyone who knows you to find your clips online


Cam Model Protection is a paid service for which you will have to pay a fees on a per month basis. Her are the plans that are offered and the pricing for the same:

Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management



In all there are three pricing structures for you to subscribe to:

  1. Starter
  2. Pro
  3. Superstar

All the three plans offer unlimited takedown option, so there is no upper limit on the number of takedowns the company will do for you.

Although the same service can also be manually done by you , by first finding the website hosting your content and then sending them a formal DMCA notice, but that will take away of lot of precious time. Also these are professionals, so why not automate this task.

Choose wisely for one of the plan. My advise for you will be to invest in this service. This can be extremely helpful and beneficial for you. Protection is better than cure, so Sign up now.

Other Things to Check out on Cam Model Protection

There is a video testimonial section on the website, so you ca get the hands on experiences of the best and famous cam models using this amazing service. They have also started a Free Trial section which you must check out.

Privacy and identity protection is a right that shall not be violated in any case. Especially the kind of industry you are in, makes you even more vulnerable. Get your stolen content removed from all these pirating content hosting websites and live a carefree happy life. Cam model protection is an exclusive service made while keeping webcam models in mind, and they are there to help you and make more money.


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