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Build Adult traffic - Smart and Innovative ways

Build Adult traffic – Smart and Innovative ways

Let me tell you about Build Adult traffic – Smart and Innovative ways today. Building adult traffic for your adult website might seem extremely difficult as first. If you have been following my website for long then you probably already know the best working methods to drive insane adult traffic to your adult site. My personal favorite is Adult seo  and i have written a comprehensive guide on that topic, do check it out

Today i will be sharing with you methods of driving adult visitors that are not conventional. Do not expect them to drive enormous amount of visitors to your adult site, but they will definitely help you increase your overall traffic. So lets start:

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Build Adult traffic - Smart and Innovative ways disqusDisqus Comments

It is an excellent way to drive user engagement on your website as well as drive additional traffic. Disqus is by far  the most common commenting system on the internet. They proudly pronounce themselves as a company that helps increase website traffic and trust me they are not lying, I have been using disqus comments for almost all my adult sites and it has really solved the need of a great commenting system while also driving additional traffic. (Even on this website I use Disqus comments)

How can Disqus comments helps your adult website?

I use my domain name as my Disqus name, this helps in more exposure

Since disqus is very popular you can easily find relevant blogs in your niche and add relevant helpful comments on multiple ares, and this drives targeted traffic back to your websites

Links in Disqus comments are “nofollow” so do not think this will help you in link building and link juice for adult search engine optimization but it will definitely help in building nofollow links that will improve overall trust factor of the website

They also show relevant internal articles along with each post, hence Pages/visit metric increases.

Traffic tradingBuild Adult traffic - Smart and Innovative ways traffic trade

If i am interested in making money online, then probably i am visiting multiple websites adn blogs in that niche. This is how you as an owner of adult website/porn site can leverage to drive more traffic. Make a list of all the websites that are relevant to your niche, and also add the contact information of each websites (Contact form URL or direst Email address , if you can find it)

Start sending them personalized email about trading traffic by putting each others link on both websites. This will help in driving targeted relevant traffic between both websites and benefits all. I have seen that not many websites owners say no to this, because it is helping them as well. Just make sure to not target the giants in your niche, because most probably they wont reply back to you. Try to find websites with similar traffic stats. For finding traffic estimations of any website, use Similarweb , it gives the most accurate traffic estimates of any website.

The best part about this technique is that you will also get the backlink from a relevant niche website which will enormously help in adult seo of your website. If the link is nofollow then it will help in improving trust flow of your website, if the link is follow then good for you

You can also apply the same technique for Twitter as well, find twitter handles that are relevant to your niche and then ask them for shutouts trading. You can leverage and promote each other and trade the followers

Build Adult traffic - Smart and Innovative ways watermarkingWatermarking and then promoting yoru websites

Watermarking your content is a great way of driving highly targeted direct (type-in) adult traffic . This also helps in leveraging websites and people who steal your content, by getting some of those visitors back to the original websites. If you are a webcam model, just watermark your pics and videos with your website domain name, or twitter handle if you want that.

If you are a clipstore owner or even any adult performer (camgirl, webcam models etc) then you can easily share trailers of your clips or videos after watermarking them on various tube sites, twitter Facebook etc. This will help drive those people to your website that just found your video and were interested in knowing more about you. Without the watermark they will just watch the videos and will have no clue about finding you.

You can even watermark your images and post it on porn pinning sites (example to drive targeted traffic

I hope you like this article on Build Adult traffic – Smart and Innovative ways

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