Best way to Handle Ad Blocking on your website

Today i will tell you about Best way to Handle Ad Blocking on your website. Adblocking is an amazing tool if you are using it, but if you are a publisher, or a website owner then it is your worse enemy. Almost everyone is moving towards using Adblocking softwares/plugins/add-ons on their browsers to block almost all ads on the website they visit. I was browsing youtube the other day using the adblocking add-on on firefox, and the adblocker was even able to block all the video ads and banner ads.

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Best way to Handle Ad Blocking

If you don’t have time to read this article and want to get to the aggressive solution of handling ad blocking visitors then read this article: Block Adblock users – The Complete Working Guide. After following the steps on this article, the user will have to disable the adblock in order to access your website.

In a report, it was estimated that approximately $20 billion was lost in revenues because of adblock. The number will only increase. Ad-blocking extensions are increasingly being adopted by users. The worst part is that earlier ad-blocking could only be enabled on desktops, but now they are also making its way to mobile users. I have more than 10 tube websites, other 3-4 adult websites, and the metric that is increasing every month is  mobile website users. Almost 60% of my visitor are coming through mobile, be it tube website or this website. So it was obvious that adblocking will sooner or later come to mobile user exerience as well

So what can you as a website owner (be it tube, adult, or any general website) do to handle ad blocking extensions or visitors using it.

Let us first understand the root cause of using adblock


I will be honest i love my adblock extension. I love to block the popups on the website i use regularly, i love to not watch that 30 second youtube ad, that was mandatory otherwise. I love the was website loading speeds. But then again as a website owner myself, i hate loosing revenue from visitors who are using ad-blocking extensions.

Here are the key reasons people use ad-blocks:

  1. Frustrating pop-up advertisements
  2. Slow website loading speed. Because ads are javascript code, so it takes time for website to load
  3. Irrelevant ads
  4. They don’t want any ads at all, just the content they are looking for
  5. User experience suffers a lot


Ads are

  1. Annoying
  2. Intrusive
  3. Non-targeted

I don’t have any of those, still i lose revenue

That is the result of a visitors frustration. When i have my ad-block extension enabled, i really don’t whitelist a website just like that. Honestly i don’t even remember to whitelist a website. So even if you have a website which shows non-intrusive, highly relevant ads, you will still be blocked. This is the complaint fo majority website owner who are using Google adsense as a advertising platform

There are multiple ways to track the number of visitors on your website using adblocking softwares. I usually have a percentage close to 25-30% of my visitors using adblocks. Yes, the number is staggering, and honestly i get hurt a lot. If i made $1,000 in a month, that means i could have easily made $1,300 approximate or even more if none of my visitors had adblock. Also if the only source of revenue for your website is display advertisements then you are also wasting bandwidth of your servers for visitors who are not making you any money

Before choosing a solution for ad-block enabled visitors, i will request you to check the percentage of people using this extension on your website.


I have already written an earlier guide on how to handle adblock visitors: check it out Block Adblock users – The Complete Working Guide. I am still using the solution shared on this article, so do check this article out. It also has the plugin that can help you track the number for adblock users on your website.


The other ways of handling such traffic is shared henceforth.

  1. Using Pagefair

This website helps you make money of ad-block enabled visitors by showing non-intrusive advertisements to them. But if you own an adult website then this solution might not be beneficial to you

2. Collecting email-ids or leads

One of the most sought after thing from a visitor is email-id. People and website owners are making millions by collecting the email-ids, making the funnels and then selling stuff to these people. If you have any product that you can sell, then the best thing you can do is collect the email id of the visitor that has ad-block enabled.

You can use this plugin for showing alternative content to people who have ad- Ad Blocking Detector wordpress plugin

3. Using ReviveAds

Another helpful website to make money of ad-blocking visitors. They help you show alternative advertisements to people who have ad-block enabled and in exchange they take a commission of the money you make


4. Block visitors content access until they disable ad-block:

I have written a detailed guide on how to achieve this here: Block Adblock users – The Complete Working Guide

This is  a drastic move so beware before implementing. Not all visitors will disable the adblock and you might end up losing a lot of visitors. My major source of revenue are tube website, and the ultimate goal is making money. So i have enabled this drastic measure, but if you have  a= blog or a product based website i will advice you against using it

Handle Ad Blocking

I hope you liked this article on Best way to Handle Ad Blocking on your website .



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