Things to Avoid - Adult Seo and Backlink Building

Avoid Overoptimization – Adult Seo and Backlink Building

Adult Seo can be a little tricky when compared with general SEO techniques. Although the methods remain the same, but not all the websites accept adult content thereby creating a problem for adult webmasters. Today i will tell you about the  Avoid Overoptimization – Adult Seo and Backlink Building

If you witness a sudden drop in your website visitors or traffic, then you might have suffered from a Google penalty. It is extremely hard to recover from a penalty, hence i advise you to follow some guidelines to prevent yourself in the first place

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However sometimes, unaware people indulge in SEO over optimization and suffer from Google penalties and losing all the visitors and hardwork.This article will cover the best practices to follow so that you are safe and immune from any Google penalties and get quality search engine rankings.


Adult SEO is a complicated game and one needs to learn by trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Both on-page and off-page factors are considered by Google’s spiders when crawling a website.I will be listing down some key points, which i have learned over years of being into adult industry. Follow these SEO practices:

1) Do not use black hat or any other unscrupulous adult link building techniques

2) Avoid keyword stuffing, or rather do not overdo it (on post, page and domain)

3) Keep the keyword density below 7%

4) Stay away from duplicate content, write your own original high quality content

5) Do not ever link to spam websites, link farms, or any other shady place of link exchange. Few quality backlinks are worth more than thousands of worthless links

6) Avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes in your content

7) Never try to trick or fool the search engines, sooner or later it will backfire

8) Do not try to make thousands of adult backlink on a daily basis, link building should look natural and hence devote one hour everyday and only make quality backlinks. As the website starts getting more traffic then you can increase the number of links you make per day. It is all about looking natural in the eyes of Google

9) Do not waste your time building no-dofollow backlinks, as they wont be considered by Google for ranking your website

10) Do not buy gigs from Fiverr or Seoclerks, which promise tens of thousands of backlinks in few days. You will lose both the money and your website rankings

When a search engine websites crawls a website, it looks at many different parameters to rank your website in comparison to others in your competition. If you follow quality SEO methods then sooner or later you will start ranking higher for your chosen focus keyword.


If you were not able to understand any particular point or have anything to add, feel free to comment in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries..

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