[Automate Trick] Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos

[Automate Trick] Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos

Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos

Today i will tell you an easy trick to Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos. As you all already know that one key aspect of Adult SEO is fast page load, and considering the number of large thumbnail images we have on our tube websites, this becomes an issue. After including this trick i saw my page load speed increase by 300-400%.

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This will drastically improve your websites performance and your visitors will be extremely happy. Its a very simple trick and fully automated. All you have to do is save all your thumbnails in one folder and set up an automation task in Adobe Photoshop to do the rest of the work.

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Here is the video to help you set up automation:


So this is how you Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos. I cannot stress enough to use this trick. It will give to a ~400% decrease in thumbnail size. So you can imagine with approximately 40 thumbnails on your home page, the kind of affect this will have on your page load speed.

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