Apologies for Crashed Website

Apologies for Crashed Website

hey makemoneyadultcontent viewers,

If you have opened this article that means you care or want to know what happened to the website for last few days. I love creating content and helping as many people as possible, but when it comes to technicalities like crashed website, plugin problems etc it just freezes my brain.

What happened?

Well i just updated few plugins of the website (It is a wordpress based website), and suddenly everything stopped working.

Why did it take such a long time to fix?

I was crazy busy for last few days, and was able to find time today. After spending almost 6-8 hours , the website is back up now.

The process was also very frustrating:

  1. I bought a new hosting : I thought maybe a new hosting will solve the problem after i will upload the backup
  2. Surprisingly the backup that i had was not working , hence honestly for a moment i was scared. I have spent countless hours on building this webiste and writing useful and comprehensive content for my audience
  3. I shifted back to my previous hosting, and voila the website was working fine once again. Can you imagine, i changed nothing, and website was live again. This is the reason i hate this technical stuff and focus only on making money part. I think i should hire a VA who can handle these technical errors and all

Well, this was it. I hope you all are making money by following my guides. I have been receiving a lot of emails and Facebook messages, thankyou for all that

Here are the things that you can expect in the future on Makemoneyadultcontent.com

  1. More focus on Adult media buying and making money through adult affiliate marketing
  2. Comprehensively covering how to become a webcam model/adult performer etc
  3. Video courses on Adult SEO and adult tube website
  4. Youtube channel of makemoneyadultcontent

Thanks and Regards


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