Adult SEO Keywords - Queries, longtail - Get More Organic Traffic

Adult SEO Keywords – Queries, longtail – Get More Organic Traffic

Lets discuss over Adult SEO Keywords – Queries, longtail – Get More Organic Traffic. Keywords are the most important criteria you choose to optimize the posts that you add to your website. Google checks your website for specific keywords to give a ranking to your website on its search results. Finding, targeting and then optimizing your adult website for the right keyword  is extremely important

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What are Adult SEO keywords?

One thing you have to understand is that the primary goal of Google is to offer the best and the most relevant article on the first result for any search query. I the end the primary purpose of Google is to provide the information that the person is looking for. If that person is able to find that information in the first link itself, then the purpose of Google is served.

Keywords are a way google get to know a little about the content of your article. Apart from other adult seo factors, Keywords is like a reflection of your website in the eyes of google.

If you website is about Blowjob, then queries and keyword such as “Blowjob videos” is a keyword. You target is to rank on number one spot of search results for this search query. I have already written complete guides on finding thousands of relevant keywords in your niche :

[Complete guide] Keyword Research For Adult websites

How to do keyword research for adult SEO

Finding the right keywords in not enough, you then need to optimize your website and article according to the keywords you are targeting.

What are long tail keywords?

because of increased competition on the internet, and thousands of websites being opened in almost every niche, it has become extremely difficult to outrank already established websites for certain keywords. For example, you will find Wikipedia articles on majority of general topics as first search result, and it is extremely difficult to out rank those article, so you have to target the long tail keywords.

Lets say someone is searching for “blowjob video girl sucking big cock abc studio”, this is an example of long tail keyword. Since with just “blowjob videos” , already thousands of website is targeting that keyword because of its high search volume, you can target longtail keywords to get that additional traffic with less competition. The only drawback is that very few people are searching for those queries.But if you have a website where you are selling affiliate products, even few extra sales can make all the difference. Also ranking higher for long tail search keywords is comparatively much easier.

Optimizing your website for keywords and internal linking ?

You will have to think like the person searching the query. What is going on in their mind when they are making a query on Google. Check the internal linkwheeling part of this article to get the useful tip for adult seo fo your website : Link-Wheeling for Adult SEO explained

People generally search for pornstar names, or the studio names that are producing these porn videos. So adding internal links to the tag or category page of these porn stars or studios from each individual post will drive them higher in search rankings.

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