Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained

Today I will cover a very important topic: Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained.  I have received many emails regarding an effective strategy about buying adult traffic. You can find many guides on Google AdWords, FB ads but when it comes to purchasing adult traffic the information is scarce and the quality is low. This article will cover anything and everything you need to know about buying traffic through adult website and making you an expert adult media buying.

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What is Adult Media Buying?

Buying adult ads on adult networks is known as adult media buying. Adult ad networks provide the platform for buying the ads, and ad-spaces across various adult websites. They make money in two ways

  1. Either taking a flat commission of the money you spend
  2. Buying the traffic at a lower price and then selling it for a higher price to you

The rate of the Ad-spot where your advertisement will be displayed depends on the quality of traffic you can get and the quantity of traffic you can get.

Adult traffic is bought through a middleman or a broker (Ad- networks). You do not directly contact the companies where your ads will be displayed, rather the only point of contact you have is through this broker. He will give you all the details before you buy an ad. If this seems confusing, worry not you will get a clearer picture once you go through this article. 


Types of adult traffic for adult media buying:

Note: You have to understand the below two terms if you want to become an expert in adult traffic buying. You can charge a fees or premium by the people who want to buy adult traffic but do not want to waste time or efforts in understanding the whole procedure. Few vocabulary words you need to know are:

  1. Rotation on network (RON): Your advertisements are rotated on a variety of websites. Ad-spots in such a package are places on a network of adult websites (tube websites, blogs, forums, etc.). You have to be a little cautious while using RON because some of the traffic might be coming from Tier-3 countries and the probability of them converting (Ending up making you money) is very low. So do give it a check the domain names of the traffic origins.
  2.  Remnant Traffic: Let’s say the broker I was talking about earlier has some traffic leftovers (i.e. the traffic he could not sell) then to maximize his income he sells this traffic at a cheaper price. This could be an opportunity for you and you might end up buying quality traffic at a discounted price


Adult Ad-Networks for adult media buying:

Ad networks are the point of contact between a buyer and a seller. Let’s take an example, you want to buy adult traffic, you make an account on one such Ad-network and then look at various websites listed. You choose the websites that are more relatable to your traffic requirements and then purchase the Ad-spots. You have to understand that this Ad-network acts like a negotiating ground for websites who want to sell their Ad-spots and buyers who want to buy adult traffic. For this service this Ad-networks charges a commission (mostly in the form of percentage of money you spend on buying advertisements)

Although you can reach these sellers websites directly but if you are a beginner then I would recommend you to first get comfortable with Ad-brokers and understand the overall adult traffic buying strategies.

Here is a list of best adult Ad-networks right now:

  1. TrafficHaus
  2. TrafficJunky
  3. Traffic Force
  4. Traffic Factory
  5. JuicyAds
  6. Exoclick
  7. Plugrush
  8. Ero-Advertising
  9. Traffic Holder
  10. CreamyAds
  11. Etology
  12. Plugz
  13. Star-Advertising 


Independent Website Owners:

Many of the website owners want to have full control of the kind of advertisements shown on their website. They also do not like the idea of working with a broker. Such adult webmasters can be contacted directly and then rates can be negotiated through email or Skype.

The biggest advantage of contacting adult webmasters directly is that you create a personal relationship and they might even help in some other areas of your online success. But this method requires time and extra effort hence majority of the people prefer an Ad-network / Ad broker

Also, you can easily save the commission that you were earlier giving to the Ad-networks


Making money through adult media buying

One thing you must understand is that in the end it’s all about the money. Spending thousands on dollars on adult media buying and then not making a single dollar of profit is foolish. The return on investment needs to be a heavy positive figure. If you are not making money as an adult media buyer, then you are going down the wrong path.

Finding the right adult offers to promote to make money is extremely crucial. As a media buyer, you are only responsible of selling other stuff (be it dating offers, adult membership websites, adult products etc.). You are neither the creator or manufacturer of these products or services. You are a marketer, who is trying to find the sweet spot of that perfect audience that ends up purchasing or spending the money for the offer you are promoting.


Finding the right adult offer to promote is important. How to find the most profitable adult offer?

Here are some tips for this problem:

  1. Look at the latest trends on the internet. Nothing is better than making money of the already ongoing trends
  2. Research on what other hotshots are doing, effective strategies that are converting the best
  3. Your goal is to find and optimize the highest converting adult offer
  4. Once you have found the best offer, contact the website owner as an applicant to become an affiliate for that offer
    1. If they offer you very low rates, then select any adult CPA network, (my recommendation: Crakrevenue )
  5. To own a successful online ad-campaign requires you to have a solid understanding of basic concepts and smart tactics to make money


Understanding the Adult Media buyer / buying Language.

To be efficient in your making money journey, you need to know the basics. Similar to stock markets, adult media buying also has some metrics to understand the performance of a media buyer.

For you to understand the media buying language I have written an article telling you about all the acronyms and jargons of this industry: Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary Explained

If you don’t read the above article first, then the rest of this article will not be of any value to you. So spend some time and get yourself comfortable with everything I have discussed in that article. It is extremely important to understand the The key performance indicator (KPIs) of any industry before entering into one.


Best practices, tips, tricks and tactics to follow as an adult media buyer

Now let’s assume you are thorough with your adult media knowledge. You have found the best offers and have also started promoting them. Let’s say that you choose the following offers:

  1. Adult Cam offers
  2. Adult Dating offers
  3. Casino offers
  4. Paysite offers

Now spend an equal amount of money for traffic for each offer. Let’s say the budget is of $100, and you are spending $25 for each offer.

If for some offer your ROI was negative and for some positive. Let’s say you made a total profit of $10, the best knowledge you gained is that you found the converting offers i.e. the offers that made a positive income for you.

Now a normal human being will be ultra-exited and will start its next investment of $110, in the highest converting offer hoping that this time he will be able to make more money. Although that’s an obvious decision to be made, but my advice will be to always diversify your products. Never be so dependent on one source of income that when it goes away, you are left helpless. Instead focus on top-two converting offers and also send some traffic (10-20%) to other offers that might not give you instant gains but will be helpful in longer runs


Pointers to keep in mind to become successful adult media buyer:

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Test, test and test more
  3. Try different banners, try different landing pages, different traffic sources and find the sweet spot of maximum conversions
  4. Be prepared to lose money. This is not an exact science. Many a times you will go in losses. You will witness unprofitable campaigns so expect the unexpected. Be prepared and be smart

Hope I this article on Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained was helpful . If I was not thorough or you couldn’t understand some point, do ask in the comment section below.



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