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Adult Instagram Marketing and Promotion

Let me tell about Adult Instagram Marketing and Promotion tips today. As you all probably know Instagram is huge, after Facebook acquisition it is growing even bigger. Almost everyone is on Instagram these days sharing their photos, videos and moments with their friends. With such a huge audience the marketing opportunities are endless. I have created this list of must follow crisp and clear advice for anyone who wants to tap into Adult Instagram Marketing and Promotion.

Know your limits and the type of content you post

Posting hardcore naked/nude pics is against their guidelines and will get you banned instantly. So follow the rules, don’t go overboard with the nudity and keep it within the Instagram TOS guidelines. Also your goal is to tease the audience and want them to wanting more, so keep the pics to just tease enough for them to drive to your target money-making location

Post multiple times a day

As a beginner you might be thinking i will be posting once every day and that will lead to thousands of followers over a month. But that is not true, you need to post multiple times a day in order to see some engagement with your audience. When you post high-quality content often (multiple times a day)  that will help you gain even bigger audience for your account. Do not worry about going online every single time and posting the content yourself. You can also automate almost everything with Instagram automaton tools such as Hootsuite

Dont be overexited

This is a very common mistake that people commit, that they think that they must on all social media platforms to unleash the true power and gain even larger audience.  The problem with this is that when you are targeting on multiple platforms at once, your energy and mind is divided and hence you wont be able to make a significant impact on any one of them. So choose only few top or best social media networks and target them with full concentration.

Networking yourself to success

I cannot stress enough but this is most probably the best advice that i can give to you. Network as much as possible to gain more followers. If you have been following big YouTube famous personalities you will see them doing JV (joint partnership) to promote each others audience with each other. This is mutually beneficial for both of the parties.

Note: No one wants to partner with someone who has a significantly lower followers than themselves and hence contact only those who have somewhat similar followers like you

What is the best form of content you ask?

Statistics show that selfies get the maximum engagement rate with the followers. So stick most of your content to selfies and teasing your followers just enough. If you are an adult performer then clicking and sharing multiple selfies will be easy, but if you are an adult affiliate or adult webmaster then you should share only that stuff for which you have the right to share. Do not just blatantly code other people pics without notifying them , otherwise you will get into copyright infringement

Using Hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are considered to be the single best way of driving more traffic to your profile. The mistake people do is that they add the popular hashtags without thinking that it is not relevant to the content that they are posting. Keep the hashtag and your content coherent. Also do not bombard your post with hashtags,, keep them within 8-9 max

Building relationship with your audience

Don’t just expect to post content regularly and your audience will become your die-hard fans. No it does not work that way.Engage and interact with your audience. Like and Comment on their pics as well. use the “@” with the person name so that your followers can see your reply. Make sure to reply to the person who comments on your content

These were the general guidelines and tips that you must follow. Here are few pointers that you must keep in mind for your profile:

  1. Your Instagram username must reflect your account. If your username describes cats but you are posting pictures of dogs then this does not makes any sense. So choose a keyword friendly username which describes your account to the best
  2. You must give enough time for you Instagram profile picture and description. To gain new followers what they will get to see the first is your profile pic and description. If someone finds your profile you should entice them as much as possible to make them your follower
  3. Use your money-making url. Since you are on Instagram to make money, so make sure to add the url of your website, landing page, blog etc. You can use any url shortner and shorten the url to a small link. The content that you are porting should be of high quality so that people are given enough value beforehand for them to click on your link and make you money
  4. Make your profile as public so that as many people as possible can find you and this will help you get even more followers

I hope you like this article on Adult Instagram Marketing and Promotion tips. I have also included an infographic to help you understand the power of Instagram

Adult Instagram Marketing and Promotion


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