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Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns – Targeted and Converting

Lets talk about Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns – Targeted and Converting. Facebook is the biggest social media network, with over a billion active monthly users. As an adult webmaster this is the best platform you can think of to promote your adult offers to make money. The problem: Facebook dislike adult webmasters and sooner or later will ban your or your page or your account if you promote anything related to adult

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As an adult webmaster you want your audience to reach pages where your adult ads are shown and from there you can get adult offer conversions and make money. To get the audience you will need the person on Facebook to find your promoted content to be enticing and exiting enough to leave his Facebook news feed and come onto your page to check out what you have to offer. For this to happen follow the tips that i will mention to you now:

Picture speaks a thousand words

The picture you use with the promoted post is extremely important. I don’t have to mention i hope that the picture should and must not contain any sense of nudity or should not be adult in nature. Here are some tips for choosing the right image:

  1. Images with a hot girl showing (obviously with clothes on) works great
  2. It has been observed when the subject of the image is looking into the audience eyes they tend to convert better
  3. Use high quality images, and utilize the full canvas size of the picture frame of FB

Your Copy matters a lot

Copy is everything when you are in any sort of advertising or adult media buying. Even a small change in text can have drastic effects on conversions. I have already written an article on the importance of Call to Actions , check it out (Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying)

Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns - Targeted and ConvertingKind of post you are promoting can make all the difference

I have already mentioned that your goal is to attract the visitor and entice him/her enough to check your post after leaving his Facebook timeline. This sounds easy but is difficult to implement. List posts work great on Facebook, these is something inside human brain or something that brings in the curiosity to click on the list post and check them out. If you have been to any viral websites like Buzzfeed, then you will notice that majority of their posts revolve around lists. Since these websites rely on social media channels for their majority traffic, they focus on high quality list posts.

Note: you have to create something which is under the Facebook guidelines, that means you are not directly promoting adult content. Some example of list titles are:

  1. Famous nude scenes in our favourite movies
  2. 20 sexiest female athletes in the world

You get the idea right.

Now lets say you followed all the steps and were successful in driving the visitors to your website, the game does not stop here. Remember the ultimate goal is to drive them to your advertisements so that they can reach the adult offers that you are promoting.

TIP: If you are directly sending visitor to your offer, then people will dislike this, you need to be smart in this strategy. No one loves to be sent on a page filled with ads.

Let me also cover Adult advertising on Facebook today.You can do two kinds of advertisements:

  1. You can promote the Facebook page you own to majority of your fans. (Facebook is done with organic reach, now you have to pay to even reach your fans)
  2. Promote website that you own

Now you must be wondering i do not have that kind of cash to promote, worry not Facebook is very flexible in that sense. You can start your advertising campaigns at even $1/day. To advertise on Facebook you need to check their advertising page: Advertise on Facebook. Follow the following steps to set up your advertisements

  1. Select “clicks to website” option
  2. Upload you advertisement images. Spend some time on this and optimize them for maximum conversions.
  3. Accompanying text makes all the difference, hence you copy should be rock solid. You can even add text on your image.
  4. Choose the target audience
  5. Set the amount of money that you will be spending. I will recommend to start low so that first you can understand The FB environment and get comfortable
  6. Submit (make sure to review before submitting)

To get your adult campaigns approved, you need to stay within the boundaries of Facebook TOS. The content of your campaign (text and image) must be SFW (safe for work). Also any link that you are mentioning should not contain any adult or objectionable content. People try to be smart and think that instead of showing nudity they will show very sexy images while covering the essential details. So remember even thongs, sex toys, cameltoes will also get you banned. Hence be as clean as possible. You need to be smart not over smart.

I hope you like this article on Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns – Targeted and Converting. I have included an infographic for you as well:

Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns - Targeted and Converting


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