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Adult Affiliate link Masking Explained

Adult Affiliate link Masking Explained

Today i will tell you about Adult Affiliate link Masking. If you have been following this website religiously and have also gone through Adult Media buying  and Affiliate marketing sections a then you know that  a lot of money can be made if you are an adult webmaster. Promoting adult offers to make a commission is a great way of making money online.

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People get starry eyes and start emailing me the step-by-step easiest way to make thousands of dollars in one month. The path is not so simple my friend. Promoting your adult affiliate offers and then receiving high quality converting traffic is difficult. Few of the problems faced are:

  1. Many web browser plugins prevent your affiliate offer to show
  2. Also since all this is adult in nature, promoting such offers on Social media is very difficult as there are not so many adut-friendly social media network

One great way or loophole to these problems is to Mask your adult affiliate link, or changing the appearance that no can tell about the original function of the link

Using URL shortners

One of the most common way of doing this is using URL shortners, which are freely available on the internet. You can use anyone, there are many available on the internet. Even Google themselves has a URL shortner of themselves,

Yes you might think that wow, the problem is solved in such an easy way, but the road is not that smooth. Shortening the URL does make the URL look pretty but nowadays your web-broswers and social media websites can easily figure out the link behind these masked shortened urls and still make things difficult for us. So be wary of these, but most probably a url shorter will do the trick

Redirecting the link to your adult affiliate offer

One great solution to the above stated problems is using redirection. By simple sending visitors to an allowed or friendly url and then redirecting the url to your adult affiliate link is what is used by many these days.

Note: this is still not the best solution as your IP address might get banned or your URL also might get blacklisted

I personally use this simple but effective plugin Pretty link . This amazing plugin helps to create custom links which looks exactly as you want them to look. You can then easily redirect these custom links to your Adult affiliate links. Since these links look friendly and hence URL blockers wont block them, also you will easily bypass all the restriction on so many websites that are placed on adult affiliate links. Although i would recommend you to use the PRO version of the plugin to get the full functionality. The only issue you might face is that this plugin works with WordPress, so if you have a non-wordpress website then worry not there are other ways to use redirection as well.

Redirecting with .htaccess file

It is very simple, just add the following line:

redirect 301 /custimLinkName

Note: Be careful while editing .htaccess file, as even an additional white space can lead to website crashes.

One of the method of promoting your adult affiliate offer if Social media traffic. Because of the targeted nature of social media advertisements, targeting people on social media is a great way of making money through your adult affiliate offers. Facebook will ban your account very soon if you send the visitors directly to adult affiliate offers using your affiliate links and hence using the above tactic you can easily bypass the restriction

Note: Makemoneyadultcontent does not promote illegal or spamming. although the tactics shown above will work and also help people promote their adult affiliate offers, this does not mean we are promoting spamming. This method is for those good adult affiliate webmasters who have always played by the rules and are victims of other black hat adult webmasters that have misused other tactics to make money online
We will be covering advertising on not so adult friendly social media network in the next upcoming week. Keep checking the Affiliate marketing section  to understand the best ways of making money through your adult offers.


I hope you like this article on Adult Affiliate link Masking Explained.

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