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Adult Ad Placements for Maximizing income and more money

Today I will help you make more money with Adult Ad Placements for Maximizing income and more money. If you have been following my website then you know that my preferred choice for adult display ad networks are : Juicyads or Exoclick. The right network can provide you with display adult ad banners, but choosing the right banners and placing them in right locations on your theme is also very important. Although majority of my income comes from Popup ads, and my preferred network choices are:

The motive of this website is to become the best source of free knowledge in adult industry and anyone in adult industry can make more money online. This article will again help anyone to make more money from their existing adult website (especially adult tube website)

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How you make money from your adult display ad banners

You as an adult webmaster make money when your visitor clicks on your ads and also by the number of impressions on your advertisements. So placing the ad banner son those positions where you will get the maximum number of clicks is extremely crucial to make more money from your adult website.


Understanding the Real-estate of your website

You must understand everything about your theme. Not just the widgets that are available, but also all the theme pages such as post, page, etc. So that you can place the ad code wherever you want.


What are the best ad placement nets for my adult display ads?

  1. You must add the most important ads above the fold. The number of visitor scrolling down will be a percentage of total visitors, so that means that above the fold content is seen by 100% of your audience.


2. You must add a 300×250 banner in the first widget of your right sidebar. This widget is highly important and seen by every visitor. Also if you have seen any adult tube website, then the banner in the right of the videos are these banners. Placing two of these banners, one below the other is entirely important

Adult Ad Placements for Maximizing income


3. You must add a floating image by Juicyads. By far this is the most important ad banner which makes me the most money. This banner has the highest click rate and will result in majority of your daily income.


4. One 720×90 banner just below the area of your logo is another location for making more money. See the pic. This banner also has a high click rate and hence makes more money

Adult Ad Placements


5. Below video banners are another Adult Ad Placements for making more money from your website. Instead of adding the same ad-code in every video I add, I use an amazing plugin known as ADD TO ALL. Go to the Addtoall setting and place the ad-code in “content option” area wherever you want to display the banner.



Adult Ad Placements which are not that profitable

All the ads that I place in the footer area has never made me any money. None of the visitors like to scroll down and click on such ads. Also the number of ads on your page increases the number of requests from your page for each page load, thereby decreasing website speed. It did not work for me, if it is working for you then do share your experience in the comments section below

Some more tips:

  1. Don’t bombard the visitor with ads, otherwise he/she will never become repeat visitor
  2. Place relevant ads, by choosing the right category when creating adzone

I hope you like this article on Adult Ad Placements for Maximizing income and more money.



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