A/B testing adult ads – media buying

let’s talk about A/B testing adult ads – media buying. When it comes about adult media buying, A/B testing your ads is extremely crucial. A smart adult media buyer knows that he need to focus his attention on highest converting offer, and to find these high converting adult CPA offers one needs the power of A/B testing

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What is A/B testing adult ads ?

A/B testing or split testing, is sending visitors to different landing pages (or showing them different ads) to find out which ones are giving you the maximum returns. Let’s take an example. Let’s say we are promoting an adult CPA cam offer, and we are using adult media buying to send traffic to that cam offer. So you make 10 different banners and place them on various adult websites to drive traffic. Now some banners will get more clicks per 1000 views, whereas others will get. So after few days you will know which adult ad banners are giving the best returns, hence you will focus your future efforts only on them.

To create a high CTR (Click through rate) banner you will need the following tips, tricks, and secrets methods.


Picture or the pic you use in the banner

The sure shot way to get more clicks at a cheaper price is to have an adult ad banner which is enticing and stands out from the crowd. It must give the visitor a reason to click. Now as we all know how companies like Instagram, Snapchat and others are flourishing. The reason is simple; multimedia content always grabs the eye. Using a picture is 10 times better than just a text based banner.

Keep the following points in mind before creating a picture based adult ad banner for your adult media buying

  1. It should give the reason to your target audience to click
  2. It should be captivating and enticing
  3. It must have the potential to stand out among the crowd. Adult ad banners are a crowded space, and you will find thousands of those online.



Text based Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

You don’t need to be a copywriting expert to make those exceptional click hungry banners. To get the inspiration for your text-based banners, look at other adult ad banners on the internet. Text based banners see a tremendous difference in click-through rates even with a small change. So test, test and test more, keep trying different banners to find the best one that works for you



Design of Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

There are millions of job on the internet where a design artist is paid a lot of money to come up with something unique. An aesthetically good-looking design wall automatically catch the eye. A good adult ad design will automatically please the visitors eye and will result in high CTR. Here are some tips to achieve amazing design in your adult ads:

  1. Maintain the proportions, the objects or lays on your adult ad banners must be in synchronization
  2. Do not bombard the ad will everything, it should be simple and just enough content to entice the visitor to click to know more about it
  3. Design takes time to master, but within few weeks of designing few banners for yourself, you will automatically see what can benefit your banners



Call to action (CTA), the most important part of any adult ad banner for your adult media buying

I will highly recommend you to visit this article and take this topic seriously:Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying

It is by far the most important part of any adult ad banner. Even if you have the most amazing adult ad banner, without the CTA your ad will always be incomplete



A/B testing your Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

Testing is everything when it comes to media buying. Numbers never lie, testing and then optimizing is the ultimate game that you will have to understand. You will need to analyze the numbers and look for opportunities and find the highest converting banners. Testing takes time, you might even lose some money, but once you find your sweet spot then making some amazing passive income will become super easy

The only steps that you need to understand is:

  1. designing the adult ad banners
  2. Testing the banners
  3. Making appropriate changes, redesigning the banners again nag again
  4. Testing the banners again

These four steps will continue till you find the banners that gives the maximum returns


I hope this article on A/B testing adult ads – media buying was helpful


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