3 ways to Find the best escort photographer

3 ways to Find the best escort photographer

Let me share with you 3 ways to Find the best escort photographer for your escort website and social media channels. If you have read my article on (add link about starting escort business), then you know that having high quality professional looking photographs for your escort website is a must. Since you are an escort and it is highly unlikely you know the technicalities behind taking the best escort photographs, you will need the expertise of a professional escort photographer

Note: You might be thinking that this is a waste investment and you don’t need to spend your precious money on all of this, but trust me your beautiful pictures is what will change the customers decision from “i might hire her” or ” I definitely want her”

To help you find the best escort photographer for yourself, I have compiled a list of three ways you can do that:

3 ways to Find the best escort photographerGoogle to the rescue

It sound too simple and you might be thinking , yeah i already did that. Well for the sake of it i kept this method in the list (i know how obvious it is). Just google “escort photographer city name” and you will easily find many leads. Some other search terms that might help you are:

  1. Erotic photographer
  2. Adult photographer
  3. Boudoir photographer

Finding Escort photographers on twitter3 ways to Find the best escort photographer

Twitter is the best way to build relationships with the people in your industry in the most amazing fashion. Almost everyone is one twitter (look at my website handle @makemoneyadult and i have connected with hundreds of adult webmasters, adult affiliates, webcam models, escorts, etc and have helped them in their business).

If you following relevant people in your industry , then you are bound to get beautiful picture sin your twitter feed.Just ask the person posting the picture who tool it and they will be happy to link to you with the twitter handle or the email id of the person.

Using fellow escorts to find the escorts photographer your need

Just like you need the photographs for your website, other escorts in your area must have had the same problem when they started. Asking people who have already done it will save countless hours of your life finding the answers on irrelevant places. Just make a list of all the escorts that have the kind of pictures that you want clicked for yourself and shoot them an email. If you have their website address, you can use their contact form. You can also connect with them on twitter and ask the same question

Not just photographs, you will be creating relationships with your peers and hence they might also give you some useful tips, ideas, or even leads for more customers. Networking is the key to success in any field.

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